Why Thermacork?

ThermaCork was designed for the innovators of the building industry, seeking quality products that support sustainability and energy-efficiency. A sustainable future requires trailblazers - leaders working to make their area of expertise and passion as socially responsible as possible. In a time where we need smart solutions to avoid planetary crisis, each of us must play a role in reversing the damage already done. Every one of us has can play a major role in building a better world now and for future generations to come. ThermaCork can help.

Building a better world requires us to rethink our collective daily choices and behaviors, including how we conduct business. Numerous individuals in the building industry are already rethinking their way of doing business. From architects to designers to builders, many are working tirelessly to create innovative architectural designs, tools, and techniques for a greener industry and greener world. 

ThermaCork was developed for these innovative pioneers in the building industry. It is an organic, sustainable, and durable product that will promote balanced living by saving energy and materials, and has the awards to prove it. ThermaCork is not only a sustainable choice, but it can even reverse planetary damage. Not only that, it has even been proven to surpass other materials in the market in quality, efficiency, and durability.  There's no doubt we are living in a time that requires smart ideas and solutions, and ThermaCork will be there from design to construction to help you shape a better world, one building at a time.



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