ThermaCork Facade 

ThermaCork Facade covering as a finish for external walls. 100% natural, additive-free, and sustainable facade covering with excellent durability.


ThermaCork Facade is a natural and renewable material, and the industrial process is 100% natural, requiring no additives or any kind of treatment. It's an excellent thermal and acoustical insulation, and can work between (-) 180 degrees C to (+) 120 degrees C. 



Technical Characteristics

Variable Thicknesses:

  • - Metric sizes: 1000x500x thickness

  • -  Other custom size (smaller than above) pre-cut to client needs

Density: 10lb/ft3 - 140 to 160 kg/m3

Thermal conductivity: r3.4/inch -  λ = 0.040 to 0.042 W/m°C

Excellent performance in wide temperature ranges (-180°C to 120°C)

Compression at 10%: 1.83x104 kg/m3

Water absorption: 0.30 Kg/m2 

Excellent acoustic insulation

Compressive strength of 15psi (with 10% compression)

Fire Resistance: Class B without flame retardants

Vapor permeability


Facade Grade ThermaCork


Size             Item         Facade                                                                                               Ft2/Pack

2"              TCMJ 50-6         50-650 x 1000 x 500 mm (2" x 39" x 19 5/8"), with overlap           29.90

3"              TCMJ  75-3       75-475 x 1000 x 500 mm (3" x 39" x 19 5/8"), with overlap           19.16

*NEW* Power Head Carpentry Screws by FastCap

Above: New 2" Power Head screws by FastCap can be screwed into the Shiplap section of ThermaCork Facade with Joinery and then fully covered by the next board's overlapping section of Shiplap, thus insuring an extremely tight fit, all while hiding the heads of the screws. 

Powerhead 2" FastCap screws can be found here