ThermaCork Decorative makes for a wonderful accent piece as well as a statement about natural and renewable green material. It's industrial Manufacturing process is 100% natural, requiring no additives or any kind of treatment. It's an excellent thermal and acoustical insulation, and can work between (-) 180 degrees C to (+) 120 degrees C. ThermaCork Decorative can be designed, shaped and molded to your preference as seen in some of the examples below. 

Technical Characteristics

Variable Thicknesses:

  • - Metric sizes: 1000x500x thickness

  • -  US sizes: 36’’x12’’x thickness or 36’’x24’’x thickness

  • -  Other custom size (smaller than above) pre-cut to client needs

Density: 140 to 160 kg/m3

Thermal conductivity: λ = 0.040 to 0.042 W/m°C

Excellent performance in wide temperature ranges (-180°C to 120°C)

Compression at 10%: 1.83x104 kg/m3

Water absorption: 0.30 Kg/m2 

Excellent acoustic insulation

Compressive strength of 15psi (with 10% compression)

Meets fire-safety requirements (Euro Class E) without flame retardants

Vapor permeability

Here are some of the ideas we've put together for using ThermaCork Decorative

ThermaCork Decorative Packs

Size    Item       Decorative                                                                                               Ft2/Pack

1"        TCM       25-1225 x 1000 x 500mm (1" x 39" x 19 5/8"), 12 boards                 64.56

2"       TCMJ     50-650 x 1000 x 500 mm (2" x 39" x 19 5/8"), 6 boards W/Joinery    29.90